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National Nutrition Mission (NNM)

National Nutrition Mission (NNM)

There have been 68 percent of child deaths in India under five years due to malnutrition. The rate of malnutrition in our country is rising rapidly; however, it does not cause death directly but is responsible for contributing to morbidity and mortality by declining the resistance rate of infections. Some reasons for child deaths include low childbirth weight, diarrheal diseases, prematurity, non-communicable diseases, injuries, birth trauma, asphyxia, etc. And to reduce and tackle this issue, the Government of India has implemented and is implementing different schemes to address malnutrition in India. And one of the schemes is NNM (National nutrition mission).

National nutrition mission, also known as Poshan Abhiyan, is a government strategy released by NITI AYOG. Poshan Abhiyan launched in 2018 with a clear vision of providing nutrition to children, pregnant ladies, and lactating mothers and improving their nutritional status. NITI AYOG’s main aim is to make India a malnutrition-free country by the year 2022.

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All about Poshan Abhiyan

— The chief reason behind releasing Poshan Abhiyan, also known as the national nutrition mission, is to reduce the percentage of malnutrition and enhance the nutritional status of children in the county.

The mission’s budget has set up at Rs 9046.17 crores for three years, which started from 2017 to 2018.

— It is a multi-ministerial mission to eliminate malnutrition by the end of the year 2022.

— The mission is India’s flagship mission launched to raise the nutritional check-ups of children, adolescents, pregnant ladies, and lactating women.

— The complete form of the word ‘Poshan’ is the Prime Minister’s overarching scheme for holistic nutrition.

— The specific targets of Poshan Abhiyan’s mission are to eliminate the under-nutrition, stunning, and low birth weight of children.

— The mission aims to attain a 25% to 38.4% reduction for stunning by 2022.

The other component of the national nutrition mission is scaling up the intercessions ICDS (Integrated child development system) under the World Bank support.

— The ministry of women and child development, the government of India, is the implementing agency of this mission.

— The chairperson of the National councils on India’s nutritional challenges, built under Poshan Abhiyan, is the Vice Chairperson of NITI AYOG

— The National Nutrition Mission circumscribes various schemes such as PMMVY (Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana), SAG (Scheme for Adolescent girls), Janani Suraksha Yojana, National mission health, Swatch Bharat Abhiyan, PDS, etc.

The target of the Program

1. Annually Reducing and preventing stunning by 2%

2. Annually reducing and preventing children under-weight by 2%

3. Annually reducing anaemia of 6-59 months children by 3%

4. Annually reducing anaemia of adolescent’s girls and women (15-49 years) by 3%

5. Annually reducing low birth weight by 2%

Benefits of the mission

Poshan Abhiyan will cover more than ten crores of Indian citizens who benefit from this mission. Select a specific phrased manner that covers all the states and districts of the country

That Is:

– 315 districts (2017-2018)

– 235 districts (2018-2019)

– the rest left districts will cover in 2019-2020

Everything about jamex uPVC Door Windows

uPVC stands for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. This is generally a type of hard plastic material commonly used in manufacturing windows and doors. The material is resistant to a plethora of everyday causes of worry like pollution, moisture, corrosion, and mould. This makes uPVC windows a longer-lasting alternative to other popular door and window options like timber and aluminium. They also have a distinctly charming appearance and are available in a variety of laminated colours and prints.

Jamex is the Trusted manufacturer for uPVC Windows in Hyderabad. They have amassed quite a popularity for their unmatched German uPVC windows and doors. They are an expert in specializing in various quotas for designing, manufacturing and installation of uPVC windows & door systems. They are a perfect fenestration service provider who has been loved and adored by many all around the whole of the nation. Given below are some of the reasons as to why they have been growing up to become a mass favourite in almost no time :

  • They are weatherproof.

If one is in India, there’s a very good possibility that the weather changes within every mile. The weather changes are so frequent that it’s almost hard to keep up. But worry no more, as the fenestration solution from Jamex beats all weather conditions. Unlike Timber windows and doors, there is a lack in the property of absorbing moisture and hence they do not wither and fall apart in extreme weather conditions. The material used in uPVC windows makes them durable hence they do not chip or corrode.

They last for years without peeling off. These doors and windows are the strongest and the most long-lasting when put to comparison against other available options. Given that their material is tough, they retain their original structure and remain intact under the most unfavourable conditions.  The uPVC coating is also protected from harmful UV rays which can cause materials to fade and wither if they are prolonged to sun exposure

  • Good thermal Insulators

The alternative design for frames prevents thermal bridging making insulation extremely effective. It also provides great insulation from the likes of pollution, pollens, dust and scorching heat. They are non-conductors of heat hence meaning that they wouldn’t absorb heat. They have the option of two-layered vacuumed glass panes at times which helps them achieve more from air conditioning. This helps them conserve energy. They also protect from external sound, almost providing a noise-cancellation effect in your home.

  • They are Anti-fungal, Anti-termite.

U-PVC is not vulnerable to insects and termites which makes them increasingly suitable. Its hard surface compound protects it from such invasions and stops it from faltering like wood.

  • Acoustic Insulator

Staying in a crowded neighbourhood can be very cumbersome but not anymore. The uPVC Door Windows offer unparalleled protection against noise pollution and ensure higher levels of privacy.

  • Maintenance Free

Alternative Frames do not require periodical repainting or any sort of maintenance, unlike their counterparts. They do not rot, ward off or corrode. This renders them more economical in the long run.

  • Fire Resistant

U-PVC materials used in  the windows and doors are fire resistant and do not support the uncontrollable burning through accidental fires unlike their timber counterparts

  • Aesthetically Pleasing

uPVC windows lend your home spaces a premium, classy, elegant and sleek look. You can choose a design accordingly and can ensure that they go perfectly with your interior decor and colour coding. Also, these fenestration solutions are not available only in limited shapes and styles, unlike wooden frames.

  • No need for varnishing:

uPVC windows and doors do not require varnishing, sanding, or repainting. Even the toughest of stains can be removed by just scrubbing, with no damage whatsoever to the material.

  • Recyclable

What makes UPVC windows special is that they can be recycled for a good amount of time. Up to almost 10 times. Their sturdiness and durability allow them to last for several decades without facing any sort of damage.

  • Eco-Friendly

uPVC windows are very eco-friendly. This is so as they easily last for 40-80 years. They’re made from recyclable materials that do not harm the environment and are easily acceptable. They are also easy to remove and fix and in the process consume minimal possible energy.

  • Safe

Not only are the uPVC windows and doors airtight but they also improve air and noise insulation in your house. They offer a good deal of security. This is achieved through their single or multi-point high-security locks. Other oil options can also be used as per one’s choice. They also have a strong layer of galvanized steel, making them very hard or next to impossible to breakthrough. With uPVC windows and doors, you do not have to worry about thieves and burglars breaking into your property.

  • Proper Drainage System

These windows and at times are made to have a great drainage system. For instance, the windows come with shutters that have in-built drainage systems. This prevents water from stagnating and causing a lot of other complications like seeping and leaking. The drainage system present inside the shutters and in the outer frame also prevents water from overflowing and spilling.


Plant-based diapers for a Healthier and Greener future

A baby’s arrival can be quite overwhelming. There is the combustion of sudden emotions and responsibilities.

Amidst this flurry, one of the tasks that a parent goes back to again and again is loading and reloading the diapers. The generic diapers that are often put to use are not only toxic for the toddler but also possess a great deal of threat to the environment.

But with technology evolving at an unmatchable pace, science and nature together have rendered a greener and healthier method of diaper usage. This not only gives kids an upper hand to avoid medical complications in near future but also ensures that the diapers help the Earth heal instead of deteriorating its already degraded condition.

An estimation of the damage that could be reversed:

On average, most babies go through approximately 5,000 diapers before actually being potty trained. This span may extend from 1.5 years to 3 years. The number of diapers is a mere estimation and may exceed the expected score by leaps and bounds. That’s quite an exposure to the toddler and quite a lot of waste to dispose of.

Some of the biggest health concerns with regards to disposable diapers :

Phthalates are one of the most toxic elements which are found in diapers. Not only are they found in the diaper material but are also found in the plastic components, glues, and synthetic fragrance and dyes. Some of the best global diaper brands over time admitted to putting in large amounts of phthalates. Phthalates have been dreaded for their very high levels of toxicity.

They can directly disrupt hormones, cause diseases in the long run, and so on. Given that, they are not something that you want your kids to have in their diapers. No matter how cautious you are, phthalates are kind of hard to assess and this is one of the main reasons why they can often sneak into the  “non-toxic” or “sustainable” categories.

The other batch of toxic substances includes allergens and irritants. There are multiple toxic chemicals like TBT, parabens, latex, and so on. Masked under the common substances like fragrance, lotions, and dyes. The toxic entities can pose some major threats like long-term complications and diaper rash. To any sort of diaper rash, make sure that you opt for a more organic form of diaper that is free of dyes, fragrance, latex, parabens, and TBT.

Shift to plant-based bamboo diapers to gift your kids a happier back and greener planet.

The estimations provide the aftermath of how much waste and damage to the baby’s render regions can be averted by just switching a single diaper option. For all those parents who are still contemplating the switch from regular diapers to biodegradable ones, it’s time that you make a more conscious and informed choice that could have a dramatic effect on your kid and his future life. Here’s a list of pros with regards to risk free diapers that can help you put that first step forward into making a life-changing choice :

  • They help the environment heal :

Bamboo is a naturally organic fibre and is 100% biodegradable. It is excellent at absorbing greenhouse gases and producing clean, fresh oxygen hence increasing its value for diaper making more praiseworthy.

  • They are highly absorbent:

The best bamboo disposable diapers are known for their high absorbency rate. They soak up 70% more liquid as compared to the cotton fabric, hence owing to their increased absorbency.

  • They are soothing for sensitive skin:

Most toddlers have very sensitive skin. The bamboo fabric was originally referred to as “artificial silk” because of its incredibly soft and gentle texture. The bamboo fabric is also naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial and hence helps eliminate odour-causing bacteria.

Things to know About 8th House in Vedic Astrology


The Vedic knowledge of astronomy has been on the run for centuries as of now. The art of reading planets and their positions and how that plays a vital role in governing our everyday lives has been embedded in the holy scriptures for time immemorial as of now. The thorough understanding of the planets, stars and their positions are important for accurate predictions. The celestial sphere is divided into a total of twelve equal parts in 30 degrees each. Every single of these parts represents one of the zodiac signs. There’s a total of twelve different zodiac signs.

No matter where your position is while being born on earth, there’s always a local horizon. The spot where the sky meets the earth. Almost the whole zodiac sign belts ascend from the Eastern horizon. This happens because of the daily rotation of the earth around its axis. At the exact time and place that an individual takes birth, the exact degrees or the points of the house division are marked. It is also named as the ascendant This is because of the reason that the sun always rises from the East that denotes innumerable new beginnings.

Everything that you need to know about the 8th house.

This is to be taken into account that one can only see six houses at any given location at a particular moment. The rest of the houses are placed below the horizon. As mentioned earlier, the starting point is the Eastern side. The first house begins from the same Eastern side which is then followed by the other houses in anti-clockwise motion this is also the reason that the 1st to 6th houses aren’t visible in the skies. The point exactly one’s head is the starting point of the 10th house for someone who’s just born in your location. The point placed on the western horizon is the beginning point. right opposite to the 10th house arises the fourth house. The Fourth point is naturally not visible as it is below the horizon.

The 8th house represents your natal chart which is associated with most intimate and vulnerable human entanglements. These include the likes of sex, other people’s money (as in loans, grants, bursaries), fears, intimacy, psychology, magic, secrets, organized religion, power struggles, reproductive organs and ability, transformation, death, your sense of physical attraction and so on. The eighth house is also called the Ayu Bhava in Vedic astrology. It relates to the sign of Scorpio, which is known for characteristics such as the whirlwind air of mystery, possessiveness, passion and ambition.

If you’re someone who possesses personal planets in the eighth house- like planets as of the sun, moon, Venus, Mars, and Mercury- this means there’s always a part of you that has more of it hidden in the shadow. A secret self that seldom reveals itself. Since this also has to do with whatever we fear, whatever at times that traps us, one could be afraid of showing that part to others and prefer sealing it out.

The endnote :

These are the areas of life most of us avoid and with good reason, as to dwell here is to be given in to submit willingly. Ruled by Scorpio and Pluto, whatever planets it’s not the case that whatever goes on in the eighth house is necessarily bad, but it’s scary because it can deal with the self that people hide even from themselves. The placement of different planets in houses based on their movement in the sky during the time of one’s birth helps you know more about the various life situations that you have to sail across.