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National Nutrition Mission (NNM)

National Nutrition Mission (NNM)

There have been 68 percent of child deaths in India under five years due to malnutrition. The rate of malnutrition in our country is rising rapidly; however, it does not cause death directly but is responsible for contributing to morbidity and mortality by declining the resistance rate of infections. Some reasons for child deaths include low childbirth weight, diarrheal diseases, prematurity, non-communicable diseases, injuries, birth trauma, asphyxia, etc. And to reduce and tackle this issue, the Government of India has implemented and is implementing different schemes to address malnutrition in India. And one of the schemes is NNM (National nutrition mission).

National nutrition mission, also known as Poshan Abhiyan, is a government strategy released by NITI AYOG. Poshan Abhiyan launched in 2018 with a clear vision of providing nutrition to children, pregnant ladies, and lactating mothers and improving their nutritional status. NITI AYOG’s main aim is to make India a malnutrition-free country by the year 2022.

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All about Poshan Abhiyan

— The chief reason behind releasing Poshan Abhiyan, also known as the national nutrition mission, is to reduce the percentage of malnutrition and enhance the nutritional status of children in the county.

The mission’s budget has set up at Rs 9046.17 crores for three years, which started from 2017 to 2018.

— It is a multi-ministerial mission to eliminate malnutrition by the end of the year 2022.

— The mission is India’s flagship mission launched to raise the nutritional check-ups of children, adolescents, pregnant ladies, and lactating women.

— The complete form of the word ‘Poshan’ is the Prime Minister’s overarching scheme for holistic nutrition.

— The specific targets of Poshan Abhiyan’s mission are to eliminate the under-nutrition, stunning, and low birth weight of children.

— The mission aims to attain a 25% to 38.4% reduction for stunning by 2022.

The other component of the national nutrition mission is scaling up the intercessions ICDS (Integrated child development system) under the World Bank support.

— The ministry of women and child development, the government of India, is the implementing agency of this mission.

— The chairperson of the National councils on India’s nutritional challenges, built under Poshan Abhiyan, is the Vice Chairperson of NITI AYOG

— The National Nutrition Mission circumscribes various schemes such as PMMVY (Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana), SAG (Scheme for Adolescent girls), Janani Suraksha Yojana, National mission health, Swatch Bharat Abhiyan, PDS, etc.

The target of the Program

1. Annually Reducing and preventing stunning by 2%

2. Annually reducing and preventing children under-weight by 2%

3. Annually reducing anaemia of 6-59 months children by 3%

4. Annually reducing anaemia of adolescent’s girls and women (15-49 years) by 3%

5. Annually reducing low birth weight by 2%

Benefits of the mission

Poshan Abhiyan will cover more than ten crores of Indian citizens who benefit from this mission. Select a specific phrased manner that covers all the states and districts of the country

That Is:

– 315 districts (2017-2018)

– 235 districts (2018-2019)

– the rest left districts will cover in 2019-2020

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