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Pichwai Paintings – Reason Behind Popularizing Among Youth

Pichwai Paintings – Reason Behind Popularizing Among Youth

India is a country of culture, art, and heritage. Every state and city of India has its brightness and power to attract people all over the world. In every step through different cities, you will invent new heart whelming features of India. For art historians, India is an ore of art and talent. In India, Rajasthan is a place where every corner of it will surprise you with its art and architecture. Pichwai is an art form generated in Rajasthan. These paintings are made on a devotee of Lord Krishna.

pichwai paintings

What is Pichwai painting?

Pichwai paintings are paintings on clothes that are drawn based on some divine lyrics. The painting is named “Pichwai ” because it means ‘at the back’. These paintings are hung behind the idol of Srinathji in the sanctum sanctorum in the Nathdwara Temple of Udaipur. These Pichwai paintings are also used as a backdrop behind Krishna deities of several other temples of the Pushtimarg sect of Vaishnavism.

History of Pichwai paintings

Nathdwara is the home of Srinathji. It is believed that Srinathji lives here in the Nathdwara, in the Aravalli hills of Rajasthan. Srinathji resembles Kisanji holding Mount Govardhan to protect his immense devotees.  

This Pichwai painting is an example of Indian culture and heritage. In Nathdwara, every year, several famous festivals occur on behalf of Srinathji. Holi, Janmashtami, Nand Mahotsav, Diwali are celebrated in this temple. To make these pious festival days more auspicious and memorable, the artists draw these Pichwai paintings.

These paintings describe different seasons and also mesmerize the auspicious events of Krishna. People then hung these paintings behind Srinathji on that bright day.

 According to art historians, it had become like a ritual in the temple. Since the establishment of this temple, there were hundreds of artists devoting themselves to this Pichwai painting. They believed that Krishna was helping them in their everyday life. He was also guiding their brushes to make these beautiful paintings.

A town developed around this temple known as the doorway (Dwar) to God (Nath).

Importance of Pichwai paintings

Pichwai painting is a primitive, primaeval, and ancient form of painting. These paintings will help us acquire knowledge about Indian old art forms. We can know about the colours that the artists used and the meaning of art at that time. Information about their belief in God and how they were devoted to God can be gathered by analyzing these drawings. You can understand many small details about that time through these paintings.

How Pichwai paintings are popularizing nowadays

Pichwai paintings are popularizing nowadays due to digital media. Mobile phones are now the best means to reach every section of the world. By digitalization, these paintings can reach all art lovers of the whole world.

Artists are now using digital platforms to reach the world. Several artists are posting their Pichwai drawings on social media. These paintings are immensely appreciated by all the art addicted people throughout the whole world. 

By creating websites, the artists are trying to reach their paintings to everyone in just one click. These will also attract art lovers to visit the art museum of Pichwai artworks. These aesthetical websites and social media will grasp the attention of art lovers in just moments.

How to attract the youths?

The only way to attract the youth is through digitalization. Through online posts and exhibitions, they will be attracted to these paintings. We must keep this art form of our India alive. If only the youths hold the hands of this Pichwai artwork, then it is possible.

The new generation is attracted to digital paintings and modern art forms. But, besides these, we also have to keep this Indian old art form flourishing throughout the world. Modernizing this art form will also attract viewers all over the world.

Nowadays, many new artists are attracted to this art form and organize online exhibitions and museum tours. 


Pichwai art form is the own form of Rajasthan. Every art form needs to be equally appreciated by all art critics. The Pichwai artwork may look a bit similar to the Pattachitra of Odisha. But both artworks are appreciated by art lovers. Visit the Shrinathji temple in Nathdwara to know about these Pichwai paintings more vastly and elaborately.

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